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Manny, studio sound engineer and producer for Omani Records, is also a rap artist.

He has worked with many artists as well as the best sound engineers such as Said des Mureaux (MAFIA K1 FRY), L'adjoint Skenawin (SCH, SOSO MANES), Juxe (TRIPLEGO, NEKFEU).

His influences are more from the 90s but he has been able to diversify into the new wave of French Rap, Rnb, Afro, Drill, Pop and electro.

He has more than ten years of rap as well as 5 projects in the bins,stages all over France,freestyles, interviews, television clips

and appearances on compilationsFrench rap.

music production

Manny also renews himself with the creation of Electro/Deep/House music under the name Omani.

"Sunny", "I got it", "Don't you love me" "Baby", "Lips", "Khamaya", "Fly", "Dream", "Space Horizons", are the electro titles of Omani with voice samples and sunny sounds that recall the atmospheres of summer hits.



MADMADAM, whose real name is Natalia Giro, is an artist, musician, author and singer.

Originally from Italy and Poland, she traveled through different countries to finally choose France and live in Paris.

Starting with classical music, she then moved through jazz and pop to discover electronic music. MADMADAM asserts herself as a Classy-Trip Hop, Synth Pop artist.

Since 2013, she has collaborated with Laurenz Mösbauer, guitarist and bassist from Hamburg and since 2019 with XavyOPiel, beatmaker from Paris, with whom she creates the titles which appear on her first EP "FENICE".

FENICE is made up of 6 titles.

The EP mixes the singer's cultures, origins and influences.

The album explores emotional turbulence and describes the day-to-day lives of the heroes that we are. The texts mix English, Italian but also French to create a single country, a place where MADMADAM reigns as master of words THE UNITED STATES OF MYSELF.

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